Fusfoo News: July 8th


The US Women's National Soccer Team beat  the Netherlands 2-0 in Sunday’s World Cup final!  It was the women's second consecutive win and fourth World Cup win overall, making them unarguably the greatest women’s soccer team of all time. The match was exciting, despite the ending never really being in doubt. Next question? Will the team be invited to the White House? 

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Shake It Up.

The west coast was hit with not one, but two large earthquakes last week leaving many wondering whether the "big one" was next.  A 6.4 magnitude quake hit Ridgecrest in central  California  on Thursday, followed the next day by an even bigger 7.1  quake whose effects were felt all the way to Las Vegas and Phoenix. 

One of the most respected earthquake experts, seismologist, Lucy Jones said that there was an 8% to 9% chance of an even bigger rupture coming within hours and days. How many are rethinking that application to USC now? 

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Iran Pushes Back 

Iran is pushing back against US sanction and the threat is real.  President Hassan Rouhani said that the country would "take the next step" toward increasing its enrichment of uranium unless European leaders promise to offset the impact of the sanction against Iran taken by the Trump administration. 

Based on an agreement with the Obama administration, Iran is not allowed to enrich uranium above 3.67%,  giving the country the opportunity to produce enough uranium to  operate its nuclear power plants, but not enough to produce weapons-grade levels. 

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