Looking up at you like you’re superman

Always cheering you on and being your biggest fan

The light of hope in a world of darkness

Trying to teach me the path to success

Never having to worry if you would be around

Never letting the weight of the world drag you down

All I want is to be like you

Where’d I be without your guidance I have no clue

You are always at my side to pick me up when I fall

Even the one who taught me how to shoot my first basketball

You were my dad when he was never around

You made sure I never let my problems keep me down

You taught me to fight, and never quit

You taught me how to take a hit, and gave me my smart ass wit

You have made me into the man I am today

That’s why when you left my world went so gray

Before I knew it you were gone

I know you wouldn’t want me to dwell and drag on

Everyone says it’s supposed to get easier everyday

I promise you it’s not true what they say

I never even got a chance to say goodbye

I still spend every night thinking to myself why

How could you just be taken

Over 10 years later and my world is still shaken

If I could have one wish I would bring you back

I know you would help get my life back on track

I know you would help me get through it all

Since you’ve been by my side since I could crawl

I will never forget you and your impact on me

I know everything I do you might not agree

But I promise to always try my best for you

It is just hard without you being around as the family glue

Even though you were taken I know you’re not gone

I know you’re still watching and cheering me on

My memories with you will never fade

I just wish you could have stayed

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