Child Memory Poem

I remember sprinting to the front of the icy line at fun day to make sure I got the blue flavor

I remember sweating at night in the summer because I was terrified to open my windows

I remember jumping onto my bed at night to avoid the monsters under my bed, and scared to leave my toes exposed at night in fear someone was going to grab them

I remember playing don't touch the ground on the playground and getting mad at the cheaters

I remember getting so exited for the tug of war at fun day 

I remember I thought I was cool when drank root beer from the bottle

I remember eating the honey out of the honeysuckles in the backyard

I remember sprinting to the bathroom on Christmas eve to avoid seeing Santa

I remember pretending to sleep in the car just so I got carried out

I remember writing songs and performing them for my family

I remember wondering what it was like to be a teenager, and now I want to go back

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