A Box of Crayons is The Best Smell

Childhood is waiting for your dad to come home from work, and chasing his car when he finally pulls in.

Childhood is asking your mom for money for the Scholastic Book Fair.

Childhood is reading after dark and pretending you’re asleep when you hear your mom coming up the stairs.

Childhood is never knowing more excitement than when hearing the ice cream man coming down your street.

It is not being allowed to have snacks after four because dinner would be ready soon.

It is running around the street with your neighbors, putting grass in a pot and pretending you’re Indians.

It is being too afraid to sleep with the lights off because you’re scared the shadows will come get you.

Childhood is never being able to find the piece you’re looking for in your lego bin.

Childhood is tricking your siblings into thinking you got a nails stuck in your finger with cheap Five Below pranks.

Childhood is always wanting to do what you’re older brother was doing.

Childhood is the best time that we all took for granted by wanting to grow up too fast.

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