Fair Lawn High School Student Gives Back to Community with Eagle Scout Project

If you have recently passed by Fair Lawn High School on Burbank Street, you’ve probably noticed a new fountain in the grass just outside of the A-wing. This fountain, equipped with its own solar panel for power, was constructed by Fair Lawn High School Senior Vincent Marchese as a part of his Eagle Scout project.

“I’ve been part of the Boy Scouts for 10 years,” Marchese said, “a majority of my life I’ve been a scout so it really means a lot.”

The Boy Scouts of America is an organization for boys between the ages of 7-20 that gives its members opportunities for community service, all while working towards the Boy Scouts’ most prestigious honor of Eagle Scout.

To acquire the rank of Eagle Scout, one must complete a major community service project. Not many scouts have achieved this goal, as only 4% of scouts since 1911 have gone through the lengthy process and have achieved the rank, according to Scouting Magazine. Marchese finished his Eagle Scout project in August of 2017 and was awarded the Eagle Scout designation later that year in November.

Accompanied by his parents Janet and Bill Marchese, Fair Lawn High School Principal Paul Gorski, Vice Principal Matthew Cahn, and Superintendent of Schools Nicolas Norcia, Marchese’s accomplishment and project was recognized at a special ceremony at the fountain on April 11th.

Principal Gorski was surprised to find that a student created the fountain when he first took the position of high school principal in the summer of 2018.

“Its impressive, it's a beautifully made fountain and it blends in with the school perfectly,” said Gorski.

The Boy Scouts have played a major role in the Marchese household over the years, whether it comes to going on trips with the troop, or creating projects to give back to community.

“The Boy Scouts have been a very family-oriented thing for us,” Janet Marchese, Vincent’s mother, said. “It's quite an experience to be a part of for all these years.’’

While discussing the project, Bill Marchese, Vincent’s father, praised Fair Lawn High School’s administration.

“We’re very proud of Vincent. He knew what he wanted to do since day one and administration was nice enough to give him this opportunity at this spot to create this fountain,” Bill Marchese said.

Marchese explained that his motivation for completing this project came from a desire to give back to his school.

“I wanted to make this fountain because this school has helped me out a lot when it comes to education and I wanted to give back and return the favor,” Vincent said.

Marchese plans to join the United States Navy after graduation and will be attending boot camp in December.

Thumbnail Credit: Thomas Tomesco

Banner Credit: Thecraftchop.com

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