Recipe for a Boy Band


handful of friends

liter of singing ability

cup of rapping skills

gallon of dance practice

dash of good looks

gallon of stage presents

pints of songs

1) First add a handful of friends in a melting pot. Anywhere from 4-7.

2) Next sprinkle in a liter of singing ability and a cup of rapping skills.

3) After mix a gallon of dance practices. Add more if needed.

4) Dice and chop a dash of good looks, add over time. 

5) Add a gallon of stage presents.

6) Scramble together pints of songs. 1/10 intro, 5/10 verses, 2/10 chorus, 2/10 bridge.

7) Fold the songs in to the mixture

8) Finally serve on a stage to hundreds of screaming fans 

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