When I knew I was over him, and falling for you.

We were at the beach and I was leaning against you with your arms around me.

The wind was screaming in my ear and pulling my hair all sorts of directions

And I looked up at you and you looked down within my eyes and kinda stayed there  we kissed for the first time

Then we were walking back to your house

I kept my hands on my phone or in my pocket not at my side in fear they would brush against yours

But I got caught in the moment and my hand brushed the back of yours and next thing I know our fingers were intertwined.

While we were walking on the sidewalk

He would never hold my hand, let alone hold it in public

He would have never walk with me on the pier, let alone kiss me

I told you things that people would wait months to hear. But with you the stories of my life just flowed out because you listened

He would just push me away.

I never understood why people always told me he was so bad for me

But I know now.

I understand what something real feels like, when two people genuinely care for each other.

It’s not about the physical altercations it’s about what you feel on the inside

Its about your words and your actions

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