Houdini Magical Secret

It was a sunny afternoon in New York City. It was April 20, 1919, and it was my birthday! I was finally turning ten years old. I was so excited because my mom got me tickets to Mr. Houdini’s magic show. Mr. Houdini was the most famous magician in the whole world. He could escape from a locked chest in under twenty seconds, and he could walk through a brick wall!  I tried to lock myself in a chest and to escape under twenty seconds but it took my mom two hours to get me out of there. Mr. Houdini was my hero. I was probably his number one fan. I was finally going to get to meet him! I quickly threw on my sky blue checkered dress and threw my hair up in a ponytail. I felt like I was ready but there was one thing that didn't look right. Of course,  my blue ribbon. I wrapped it around my hair and I was ready to go. I ran down the stairs with the feeling my heart was going to explode out of my chest. I shouted to my mother.

“Come on mom.”.  

I could hear the click-clacks of my mother’s heels coming down the stairs. She walked into the kitchen with a smile on her face. She kissed my forehead and wished me a happy birthday.I thanked her and ran around the house looking everywhere for my lucky shoes until I finally found them.  I had so many butterflies in my stomach, I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I started practicing what I would say to him. Hi, I’m Harper? No that seems too energetic. Your majesty? No to 1600s. I'll probably stick to the first one. As I slipped on my shoes I heard my mom yell.

  “Harper, Harper, come on it’s time for the show.”.    

I ran down the stairs like it was Christmas morning. When we got into the car I couldn't stop moving. I was so anxious to see Mr. Houdini. As the car came to a full stop I looked around to see if we were by Mr. Houdini’s big signs in the front of the hall, ut we were in a dark alley. I asked my mom where were we and all she told me was close my eyes. I closed my eyes and felt my mother hold me tight. I heard a door open and then close.  

“Okay honey open your eyes.” my mother whispered in my ear.

I opened my eyes and there I was in front row seats. I hugged my mom thanking her rapidly. As I sat in my seat waiting impatiently I was so excited.  This was it. As the announcer told us that Mr. Houdini was coming, my heart beated faster. Then Mr. Houdini popped out of nowhere and I cheered. He looked so magical and amazing. As he completed tons of tricks I couldn't stop smiling. It was about time for him to do his final trick.

Mr. Houdini smiled “The girl with the lovely blue ribbon in her hair please come on up.” he demanded.

I got up and heard everyone clapping for me. I felt like a celebrity. I walked toward him and he had the biggest smile on his face. He extended his hand out to me and shook my hand. He asked me my name and I replied.

“I’m Harper White.”.  

Mr. Houdini looked at me like I had three heads. I was a bit confused. Why did he look at me like that? Then he shook his head and ask me if I like magic. I told him I was a huge fan of magic. He placed his top hat on my head and his cape around me. He told me I was going to make someone appear. I was so scared I never performed that trick before. I took a deep breath and said the magic words and I heard a poof under the closed curtains. Did I do that? Mr. Houdini looked down at me and smiled.

“Open the curtains,  sweetheart.” He told me.

I walked towards the curtains to figure out who it was. I opened the curtain a little bit and saw my mom. I jumped into her arms and smiled. I heard Mr. Houdini say goodnight and he walked backstage and his crew surrounded him. I couldn't believe it. I was so smiley and was so excited. Then Mr. Houdini looked at me and walked towards me and my mom. My heart started beating out of my chest.  

“ I pardon the interruption,  but can I talk to your daughter Daisy?” he begged my mom.

My mom gave him that look she always gives me when I don't clean my room. She rolled her eyes and hissed.  

“10 minutes Harry,  and that’s final.”

Harry? Who was Harry? Mr. Houdini grabbed me from my mom's arms and held me tight. He took me to where all the rich people sit. Mom told me she had been up there so many times. I always wanted to sit up there. He sat me down on the comfy chair and sat next to me.  

I told Mr. Houdini how much I loved him and that I’m one of his biggest fans. He chuckled and smiled.

“ You have the eyes of a true magician my Blume.” He stated.

Blume? That word seems so familiar. Maybe it’s a German word. He took something out of his pocket and smiled.

“Can you do me a favor?” he asked me  

I nodded my head yes and smiled so wide my face started to hurt.

“I want you to have this,  and when the time is right ,open it for me okay,” he explained.

“ Of course,  your royal magical leader,” I said.

I covered my mouth and turned bright pink from embarrassment. He laughed and hugged me tightly. I never felt so happy in my whole entire life.

“Mr. Houdini, can I have your cape and hat?” I begged.

He smiled and nodded and brought me back downstairs to my mom. When we got back to the stage exit I could see my mom with her arms crossed and looking glad and sad. I waved goodbye to him and he waved back. When I got into the car I couldn't stop smiling. There was one thing I was curious about. I always wondered who my real father was. Was it Mr. Houdini? Over the years I did more research on Mr. Houdini and my mom but also practiced my magic tricks. While other kids were having the time of their lives,  I was hard at work researching and working on my magic. When I was seventeen I decided to ask my mom the truth. I went down to the kitchen and begged my mom to tell me if Mr. Houdini was my father but every time she trembled

“What?  You're crazy.”.

This time I decided to open up the letter. I ran up to my room and locked it tight. I started to read the letter out loud.

“ Dear Harper,

I know you know me as your hero and as Mr. Houdini but there is a huge secret your mother hasn't told you. I’m your dad. Back before you were born your mother and I were madly in love and she became my assistant and helped me perform all my tricks. One day I fell in love with another girl and when your mom found out she quit and took everything from me. But when I met you for the first time I knew from the look of those eyes of yours they were just like mine. You have one green and one blue. I know deep down you are a magician. So today please come to my house so I can give you something so you will remember me.

Love,  your loving father.”.

I wiped the tears from my face and took lots of deep breathes. I climbed out of my window and ran down the street. Kids everywhere were dressed up in fun colorful costumes. It was Halloween. I finally reached his house and it looked old and abandoned. Was I too late? I knocked on the door and crossed my fingers hoping my dad was still there. Then the door peeked open and a women with lovely blonde hair came out.  

“ What are you supposed to be?” she asked.

“Um, I’m a magician,” I replied.  

I asked if Mr. Houdini was home and told her I was his daughter. I gave her the letter and as she started to read it tears started to drip from her eyes. She invited me inside and went up to the stairs. I looked around and everything was so old and felt magical. The woman came down again with a box. She told me to go home and open it. So I rushed back home  to open the box.

A newspaper headline made me get chills. It said “Famous Magician Dies on Halloween”. I trembled and cried my eyes out. The dad I just knew about is dead.After a few hours of crying I pulled myself together and looked through the box and there it was,  my dad’s magic book. That book held all my dad’s tricks. I knew at this point my life was going to magically change.

Photographer  (A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.)  


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