Fusfoo News: May 6th

Will He or Won’t He?

 After Attorney General William Barr told Congress that he had no objection to the special counsel testifying, House Democrats have said they have made a deal for Robert Mueller to come before them on May 15.  After a period of silence following the reports release, Mueller has said that he was constrained by Justice Department policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted. President tweeted that he objects to Mueller's testimony. 

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High School Football Phenom Shot

Jaylon McKenzie, a high school football player, featured in Sports Illustrated's Future Issue, died after being shot on Saturday night.  Jaylon who attended Central Junior High in  Illinois was one of only six young athletes that the magazine said  who would rule the future of sports. The East St. Louis school district released a statement explaining that a few of its student had been shot during a party and crisis teams would be present on campus to provide counsel and support students.

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Crazy Derby

In a crazy ending, 65-to-1 long shot "Country House" was named the winner of the Kentucky Derby after Maximum Security, who crossed  the finish line  first, was later disqualified.  It was only the 2nd disqualification in the Derby's history. The horse and its jockey were deemed to have committed an egregious violation when he veered out slightly after a turn, squeezing War of Will and causing Long Range Toddy to fall back.  

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