Fusfoo News: April 29th

End Game Crushes All Records

In the end, it came out above all that came before it.  Marvel Studios' 22nd film  Avengers "End Game" debuted with $1.2 billion box office worldwide.  The film which seems like it wraps up the story of many core Marvel characters, shattered almost every single box office record out there. The movie had the biggest worldwide debut, the biggest domestic debut, the biggest domestic opening day and it did so by passing  the $640 million record set last year by Marvel's very own Avengers: Infinity War. Have you seen it yet? 

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Synagogue Shooting 

It's a scary world when places of worship seem to be under attack on a weekly basis. One woman is dead and at least 3 people were injured in a shooting at a synagogue outside San Diego during Passover celebrations. 

The shooting came six months since a shooting at a the Tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh which killed 11 people in the deadliest attack on Jews in U.S. history.    

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Sports Illustrated has all the behind the scenes action form the 2019 NFL draft and how it might play out for your favorite team.  

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