Fusfoo News: April 22nd

20 years After Columbine. 

20 years ago this week, two Columbine High School seniors killed 12 students and a teacher who were in school at the time. This shooting is still known as the worst school shooting incident in U.S. history.  The shooting started a national debate on gun control and school safety which still continues to this day. Major coverage and countless documentaries, movies and books have examined what  motivated the gunmen, Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, to commit such a horrific attack.  

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Sri Lanka Terror

Bombs across the country of Sri Lanka shattered Easter services at catholic churches, while other explosions ripped through high end hotels and tourist spots.  Over 300 people have been killed and 450 injured by the blasts which are suspected to have been carried out by suicide bombers who are members of a little-known local jihadist group, National Thowheed Jamath. 

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Notre Dame Aftermath

More than one billion Euros have been pledged to start rebuilding efforts for the  Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. With French President Emmanuel Macron calling  for Cathedral to be rebuilt in five years, saying that France could "convert this disaster into an opportunity." Architects say that this timeline is unrealistic and that a realistic timeline for repairs would take decades

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