Fusfoo News: April 8th

Nipsey Hussle Memorial

Rapper Nipsey Hussle will be honored with a  memorial service at the Staples Center on Thursday. Tickets for the service will be available online. Hussle was shot and killed outside of his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles . He was 33 years old.  

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Deadly fungus 

Recently a deadly fungus, C. auris  reached the US, finding victims in medical centers in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois, leading the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to add it to a list of germs deemed “urgent threats.” For now the fungus is most dangerous to people with weakened immune systems, but its resistance to major anti-fungal medications make it a new example of one of the world’s most dangerous  health threats: the rise of drug-resistant infections. Over the last five years it has spread across the globe through India, Pakistan, South Africa, and Venezuela. It's spread though a neo-natal unit at  a hospital in Spain, and even forced a British hospital to close its intensive care unit. 

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A rhino poacher remains were found in a South African National Park  after he was trampled to death by an elephant, and then finished off by lions. The message here: don't poach protected animals. 

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