Fusfoo News: April 1st

No news today.... April Fools!!! Scroll down to read. :)

Where’s that Water From? 

We know bottled water is bad for the environment because of the plastic that clogs our landfills and oceans, but is there another, even more contemptible reason to get off the bottle? A  new lawsuit accuses Poland Spring's parent company, Nestlé SA, of defrauding customers by using ordinary groundwater - not the “100% Natural Spring Water” in their bottles. 

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What Next? 

President Trump insists he's been cleared of any wrongdoing, but Democrats want access to the full report before they are convinced. Stayed tuned...

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Slovakia Elects a Woman President 

Could a woman be elected in the US? There are now more women running for the 2020 presidential nomination on the democratic side than any time in our nation's history but other countries around the world are ahead of game in electing women leaders. Slovakia joins the growing list. 

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