Taking a Tour of the Future by Olivia Papandreou

Recently, Mineola High School seniors got a taste of what their future in college is going to be like by visiting Adelphi University for a class trip. From a campus tour, to sitting in a college class while it’s in session, the seniors got the chance to be a college student for the day. In addition, the English 12 students continued to work on a research assignment given by Ms. Tyd, Ms. Kingsley, & Mr. Cavalluzzo, and got to work in Adelphi’s computer room to continue their research. 

I got the wonderful experience of going on my first college campus trip to see what college is like and what my future will consist of. The campus itself has a lot to it, and you could tell that there are a ton of opportunities for students to get involved. Everywhere you go, you see students working hard whether they are studying for a big test, rushing to get to their next class, or doing their homework without stopping. I also got to meet one of the professors in a theater class, and got to sit there while class was in session and watch the students perform for each other. It was a great thing to experience, sitting in a college classroom before actually heading off to college. It will help me get used to a college classroom atmosphere in the future. I was very grateful to have this opportunity. 

I'm in my 38th year of teaching, 37 of them in Mineola.  I teach 8th and 11th grade English at the high school, and I am the adviser for the Question Mark, the high school newspaper.  I also am assistant director for the spring musical and the adviser for the Creative Writing Club. 

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