Fusfoo News: March 4th

Blocked. Trump's Move.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is poised to be the  the fourth  Republican senator to vote against President Trump's national emergency declaration to fund a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Paul would be the crucial fourth Republican vote needed to pass a resolution blocking Trump's declaration in the Senate, a move that would force Trump to use the first veto of his presidency. 

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No deal, and what?

The US/North Korea summit on North Korea's nuclear weapons program proved to be a bust, with President Trump and North Korean dictator both Kim Jong Un walking away from the meetings, leading to the cancellation of a planned signing ceremony. 

After the meetings, President Trump responded to criticism towards his comments about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's denial that he had any involvement in the death of a Otto Warmbier, a young American college student who had been held in North Korean custody. The President claimed his words had been misinterpreted and tweeted,  "Of course I hold North Korea responsible for Otto's mistreatment and death."

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Momo hysteria.

Parents around the world are up in arms over the Momo challenge, but is there real reason to fear this viral meme? Or, is the entire story a hoax?  Reports across social media claim the videos try to trick young children into violence and suicide with creepy messages, but the hysteria might actually be powered on by parents’ worry over their kids’ online activity and a seeming inability to monitor it. 

YouTube has said it had no evidence of videos promoting the challenge, and has since demonetized any content featuring the  Momo (“Mother Bird,” made by artist Keisuke Aisawa) image across the platform. Experts have also claimed that there is no actual proof that any child has committed suicide from watching the Momo videos. 

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