Incomplete List

Incomplete List

No more cannonballing into the pool, while my dad cooks some burgers on the barbecue. No more ear piercing screaming whenever I tickle my sister's stomach. No more sweating in the long hours in late night dance rehearsals. No more midnight movies. No more flying in a tiny stuffed airplane for 10 hours straight to see the smile of my other relatives. No more diving through the salty waves at the beach. No more walking all the way down to the Monmouth diner just to get Belgium waffles with Nutella and whipped cream.

No more sticky syrup dripping down my chin on Saturday morning while eating pancakes. No more burning my fingers on the oven rack when taking out chocolate chip cookies. No more going to my grandma’s house for a fresh batch of cookies. No more singing “Happy Birthday” over lit candles on a cake. No more hair getting thrown all over my face when driving with a convertible jeep. No more artificial butter scent filling the kitchen whenever my mom is away for more than a few hours. No more flipping upside down on the trampoline. No more walking through the beach late at night while getting my toes all sandy.

No more begging my mom for money to get that one shirt that is a total necessity for my closet. No more reclining back in the sofa while watching a movie that was made in the 2000s. No more fingers getting frozen numb while making a stash of snowballs for a snowball fight. No more cuddling in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate on a snow day. No more listening to my music playlist full of different song genres. No more suffering through my tough strength and conditioning for a full hour straight. No more laughing into the break of dawn during a sleepover with my closest friends.

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