An Incomplete List

No more sitting on hammocks watching the sun rise and set. No more late night conversations with Nikki. No more two hour practices with my team, coaches, and best friends. No more long car rides, or streets illuminated only by the dim stars and moon’s light. No more bad hair days, with knots and tangles and waves. No more falling asleep in a nice, warm bed under a mountain of blankets. No more candy, sweet tasting and vibrant.

No more social media, no more swiping, tapping, or scrolling, wanting, wishing, hoping. No more sparks flying, electricity coursing through the world, buzzing, brightening, shining. No more music, no swaying, dancing, singing, or writing. Consumed by silence, empty thoughts, expressionless emotions uncontained and open. No more dreams, wishes, or hopes. All that’s left is reality.

No more fluffy white clouds, lazily drifting through the sky, no more birds, dodging tree branches and fluttering about. No more hot cups of tea or coffee, carefully carried to the table near the bed.

No more waking up, no more falling asleep. No more tip toeing around the house when it’s dark, quietly closing doors and turning off lights. No more family, no more friends, no more life.

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