A Child

A child

Begins to

Catch on to the

Delightfulness of life

Each step they take is

Full of wonder, their eyes

Glow with fascination

How they see only happiness

In their youth is

Just magnificent, An adult wants to

Know how to find that hope he now

Lost, as a

Man gets older he

Neglects the wonder he

Once had, as he was once that child now

Possessed by the evil in the world

Quipper, he thinks he’s seen all there is to see

Regrets, he has many of them

So be it, deep down inside of him

The child lies awake

Urging him to rediscover his happiness

View the world as he once did, full of

Wonder, full of possibility

Xenacious, the man tries to repossess his hope

Yearning for the little boy to come back

Zoning into a rose-colored reality just to find his youth is gone

Middletown High School North Student who loves to write. Sarah has two published books, The Silent Silhouettes and A Second Silence. Her third book, Raindrops, a book of poems, will be available on June 29th, 2019.

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