Fusfoo News: February 18th

Emergency Declared 

President Trump took to the Rose Garden to announce he was declaring a national emergency in order to free up billions of dollars that will allow him to build more wall on the border with Mexico. After being blocked by an ongoing battle with Congress over funding for the wall, the President made his argument that he "didn't need" to declare the emergency but wanted to get his plan accomplished faster than lawmakers would allow him too. Politicians on both sides of the aisle said the President declaring this emergency was both a dangerous precedent and an unconstitutional abuse of his authority. Democrats vowed to try to overturn it with the support of Republicans who also objected to the move.

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Another Shooting 

We know what a real national emergency is. Another mass shooting. Five people were killed in Aurora, Illinois by someone who wasn't supposed to be able to purchase a weapon. 

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Nauert Withdraws

Nanny issues have forced President Trump's nominee for United Nations ambassador to withdraw her name from the consideration. Heather Nauert, a former Fox News anchor and the current State Department spokeswoman, cited the pressure that the nomination has put on her family. It was later revealed that the family employed a nanny who was legally in the U.S. but did not have legal status to work. Nauert also faced questions about her foreign policy experience and ability to live up to the complexity of the UN ambassadors role. 

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