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The newest entrant into the VR headset market, Google’s Daydream View, is a surprisingly affordable unit designed to interact (solely) with Google’s Pixel phone. While competitors like Facebook's Oculus Rift, HTC's Vive and Samsung's Gear VR require users to physically navigate the real-world in order to move within the virtual one, Daydream View offers users a seated experience. Similarly, while these systems use head movements to control a display cursor and headset buttons to trigger interface, the Daydream utilizes a point-and-click handheld controller. Daydream also provides users with means to view 360-degree YouTube videos and a 360-degree version of Google Street View.

Daydream View Headset Review

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A new means of capturing aerial GoPro footage has arrived in the form of AER, a foam, dart-shaped camera housing used to capture airborne pictures and video footage without the risks and costs of a drone. The AER’s soft, aerodynamic build gives it a catchable in-air glide, much like the trajectory and speed of a NERF football, while its stabilized camera buckle ensures image stability. As durability goes, the AER features a padded, hard shell front, engineered to protect GoPros from the force of repeated impacts, and a waterproof, floatable Polypropylene body produced using 100% renewable energy.

AER Kickstarter Page

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The SPUD, or Spontaneous Pop-up Display, is a 24-inch portable projector screen that connects to any mobile device, allowing users to not only watch videos, but with the help of non-brand accessories like a Bluetooth keyboard, effectually transform their phone into a desktop computer. Featuring a spring-loaded, umbrella-like canvas shell, the SPUD expands in seconds and compresses to the size of a book for easy transport. The device features 3-6 hours of rechargeable battery life, an in-unit speaker, 1280 x 720 resolution, and best of all, weighs a mere two pounds. The SPUD unit is currently mid-campaign on Kickstarter. 

SPUD Kickstarter

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While coloring is traditionally thought of as a simple children’s activity, the creation of art is widely recognized as a worthwhile and therapeutic adult experience. So given the calming powers of creative activity, it was only a matter of time before non-artistically-inclined adults indulged in the simplest of arts. Meet Colorfy, a free “coloring therapy” app featuring detailed floral, mandala and animal color-ins, customizable palettes, and for small screen users, a simple pinch-zoom and tap-to-paint interface. Colorfy’s social media tie-ins make all projects instantly shareable, and as updates flow in, the app looks to become a childhood dream: a never-ending coloring book!


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EPIKGO bills its new hoverboard as “indestructible”, “self-balancing” and “all-terrain”—weighty descriptors for a product generally viewed as an unstable, and even dangerous, joyride. Still, the Silicon Valley technologists behind EPIKGO insist their new boards are not only safer, but faster and stronger than similar market devices. Promoted as equally navigable over grass, dirt, sand and wet surfaces, EPIKGO features 8.5 inch, extra-large alloy wheels, offers a 10 mile riding range, and as mobility goes, maxes out at 12 mph with an 18-degree incline limit. Epic features indeed, ones soon to be tested by the eager and feeble feet of the public.

EPIKGO Video Revi


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