The Little Russian: Based on Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.2 "Little Russian"

He ran like a lion chasing a deer

Like a huge tsunami was very near

But without even a hint of fear

The Little Russian ran through the doors

From a raging bore

That called himself a “teacher,” or

A stalker that wouldn’t give him a break

A person who lectures he had to take

An idiot who never let him eat cake.

Acting like kids don’t know right from wrong

This kid knew it was wrong

That he could’ve just done this all along.

He sneaked to the room of his sister where

From a bottle of shaving foam, he took his share

And smeared the creamy stuff in her hair.

Then ran away, bursting with laughter

As the teacher ran after

Leaving the sister, who screeched like a raptor.

The Little Russian pushed aside maids

And who were dusting the shades

For he trumped them more than an ace of spades.

And he sprinted past games of chess

And added to the palace cook’s stress

By kicking up her dress.

He pushed past those broads

As if he were a God

Leaving his caretaker in terrible awe.

He jumped over the fancy furniture

During every sharp turn

Tipping grandfather’s urn.

He tripped the busboy with the plates

Which shattered in his face

For the prince cared not for his fate

Little Russian took a sharp turn right

Kicking the dog to make him bite

Which gave his teacher the biggest fright

And granted Russian the time

To widen his strides

And he booked it right outside.

He ran quickly across the grass

Every thinking as he passed

“He’s such a fool of the upper-class.”

Trampling what people were getting done

And then just for fun

He pushed them in the mud.

The teacher started catching up

On the boy wasn’t giving up

He knew just how to trip him up

He ran right towards the garden grove

Right over the bushes, he dove

The one thing teacher didn’t know

Was how the prince emerged untouched

As if just one hindrance would be too much

So the teacher could not catch up

He trampled the violets and the roses

Stomping and breaking garden hoses

But escaped right under their noses

He ran to the big courtyard

Where, with very little guards

Laid a fountain shiny as a star

Even better, controls simply left

The feature which was best

With a hand on the wheel, test.

He turned the wheel right

Giving a fright

As the water burst into flight.

With a laugh, he continued

Testing his ability to

Control how high the water flew

He twisted the wheel sharply

And the water would leap

And then soak the whole street.

His teacher emerged

From the bushes with the urge

His anger right on the verge

But the prince was too fast

So as he passed

The fountain was turned to full blast.

It was then calmed for

A minute then once more

Blasted the man with a roar.

Each time he tried to move closer

The spewing just got bolder

And not to mention colder.

The next times, the prince didn’t try

He blasted it up to the sky

He wouldn’t go easy on the guy!

The water danced through the air

Majestic as the king’s mare

Circling over the garden square

Those underneath were not as lucky

The teacher started to pursue the plucky

Kid who left him all mucky

The Prince look and saw it

Turned it off and booked it

Right back to his old bit.

This time, he ran like a rat

Getting chased by a cat

Across the kitchen mat.

He busts right through the doors

With so much more

Dread than ever before.

But he still he tried not to laugh

At how his teacher tracked

Water on the pricey mats

But instead of accepting his doom

The Little Russian zoomed

Right into his father’s war room.

Inside was a meeting

With everyone greeting

Before sitting in assigned seating.

With grace like no other

The Prince’s father

Got all attention without a bother.

The Russian was short

Which was a gift, of sorts

As he was invisible to the whole court.

He moved around

Without a sound.

Quiet, as if his lips were bound

But his name was called

Out from the hall

So he dropped to his knees to crawl.

The court was busy

As no one did see

Little Russian trying to flee.

Open the door swung,

And the teacher, head hung

Gave the boy a glare that stung.

He started to flee

Slipping past royal feet

Under the table, not nudging a seat.

The table watched, confused

Teacher said, “Please excuse.”

And realized the boy was gone, refused.

Prince scurried like a rat

Under where orders were spat

He crawled on his elbows, on his stomach flat.

The teacher scoped

The room with hope

But near the emperor, he looked like a dope.

The Russian eyed the exit

The table right across from it.

He crawled even faster, still saying quiet.

Between the ankles, the teacher could see.

The prince crawling between feet

The caretaker would not fall for this deceit.

The child saw and increased speed.

The teacher followed, indeed

Both desperate to succeed.

Past the boots the king wore

And just one crawl more,

And the Russian raced right out the door.

Back to running like he had wings

With the confidence of a king

With the world on a string

Throughout the palace halls

The staff were appalled

At the energy from a child so small.

He showed his great power

Knocking over bags of flour

Just so the kitchen staff would have to scour

The teacher quaked

In the disaster’s wake

But still chased the dirty little snake.

The Little Prince raced

As the teacher chased

The obstacles caused, the other faced.

The Little Russian would veer

Whatever was near

Leaving piles of wreckage and fear.

But the caretaker kept going

And soon it was showing

That the angry man wasn’t slowing.

Strong fears of scold

Rose in the eight-year-old

As he tried to find a safe stronghold.

Up the stairs, he zoomed

Pursued by his doom,

Until he swung right into a royal bedroom.

Away from the mad scene

In gowns so pristine,

The prince saw a tall, fair queen.

His mother smiled wide

As the teacher tried

To jiggle the lock and get inside.

The boy flashed a grin

And held up his chin

With no mention of where he’d been.

Her son’s hand in hers

She opened the door

And knocked the teacher to the floor.

It filled staff with tension

The wreck, they didn’t mention

But the teacher tried to get her royal attention.

The servants scrambled

To clean up the shambles

So she wouldn’t assume they were the vandal.

The caretaker’s efforts were futile

For the story was wild.

The empress loved nothing more than her child.

To the man chagrin

In the wake of his win,

The Little Russian flashed the biggest grin.

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