She Came With a Golden Heart and Left Us With Inspiration

It was Thursday, January 10, 2019, when the author of the book that changed our lives came to our school. In the Literary Society club, the very first book we read was, LIE by Caroline Bock. Now let me tell you, this club is absolutely amazing. I am not just saying that because I am a member. This club allows you to connect with others that you probably would not have connected with on your own. When you connect with people through reading, it is an incredible thing. It is wonderful to read a very inspirational piece with a group of people, and share your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and connections to it.

A lot of preparations were made prior to her arrival. Everyone was so full of anticipation for her upcoming visit. Members of our club came together and created our own poetry and artwork for Mrs. Bock. A few club members drew their own version of the book’s cover, wrote some poetry about the characters, and composed a thank you poem to Mrs. Bock.

We gathered in the library and she started off by showing us a trailer she made for her book. Shortly after that, she answered our countless questions about her book and told us more in depth about it. She told us more of her backstory, what inspired her to write, LIE and how she wrote it. We arrived with many questions, our minds still trying to process what we had read, and she left us wanting more! It was honestly really awesome to see so many people attend, even students that were not in the club. Her visit was an unforgettable experience; she was so kind and had the biggest heart. Tons of refreshments were served and it turned into an amazing event at our school. It is not every day that an outstanding writer and author comes to our school.

Mrs. Bock inspired the many writers, readers, and dreamers to never give up on what they are passionate about. She told us that she always wanted to be a writer, and she made it happen. At the end of the event, Mrs. Bock signed all of our books and got to know each and every one of us. She reminded us to never give up on our dreams, just go for it. I am extremely grateful that our school gave us this opportunity. “Everybody knows. Nobody’s talking” is a quote from the novel that comes up again and again.  After this event, everybody knows and EVERYBODY’S talking – about the Literary Society and Caroline Bock’s book…

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