Fusfoo News: January 28th

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It finally happened. It seems the threat of airport closings and travel disruptions was enough to put an end to the longest shutdown in US history. President Trump ended the shutdown for three weeks in hopes that the battling branches of government come to an agreement. No one knows what will happen after that, but we all agree that cooperation is the key to resolving Democrat and Republican issues. 

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Oscar Nominations 

It's award season and some of our favorite movies were both celebrated and snubbed when the list of the nominees for the Academy Awards were announced.The 2019 Oscar nominations, announced on January 22nd, had the Roma and The Favourite leading the pack with 10 nominations each and featuring in most major categories. Both are up for Best Picture along with Green BookViceA Star Is BornBlackkklansmanBlack Panther and Bohemian Rhapsody. Are your favorites up for the gold statue? 

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Polar Vortex!!

Hey baby, it's cold outside. No, we mean really, really cold. The midwestern United States is expecting another cold spell from the polar vortex which will push temps into the -10 to -30 degree range. Meteorologists are warning that both people and animals throughout the midwestern United States will be at risk for hypothermia and frostbite which could occur with only minutes of unprotected exposure during the final days of January.

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