Do You Want MORE Dear Evan Hansen? Of Course, You Do...

The hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen has been rewritten as a novel. With help from the writers of the musical, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, and Steven Levenson, author Val Emmich has transformed the well-loved musical into a book that anyone around the globe can take home and read. The novel has a few added characters, scenes, and overall details, but is essentially the same story.

The novel does fill in the gaps between the perspectives we didn’t see in the musical, and what happens in between scenes. We get fill-ins on ZDo You Want MOREoe Murphy and Evan Hansen’s relationship and we get a few chapters in between from Connor Murphy’s perspective. If you’ve seen or listened to the musical, you’d know that Connor dies right at the beginning, which makes it so interesting to have chapters from his view.  Overall, the novel is an enjoyable experience for the millions of Dear Evan Hansen fans.

Like the stage version of the story, the book portrays themes of suicide, grief, and mental health issues.

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