A Midnight Dance: Based on Tchaikovsky's "Polish."

Based on Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.3 in D minor, Op.29, “Polish,” movement 3 Adante Elegianco

As the full moon rose

A silhouette slipped through

The halls of diamond and gold

To the greatest love she knew.

The shadows concealed her face

The silence was fragile and still

She took each step with haste

Moving in a rush, until

Her beauty was there

As the shadows part

Her face as fair

As her kind heart

The love then raced

In a gown for a ball

Across the hall

To the lover’s embrace

The lover then glanced around

The Sound echoing softly

Before taking her love’s hand

So the two together could flee.

They crept the golden halls

Hiding in the dark of night

Their steps echoed off the walls.

Their hands gripping tight

They arrived in the huge ballroom

The walls all decked with silver

They abandoned all their gloom

As the beauty gave them shivers.

The love glided to the floor

A shimmering dome overhead

Painted with figures so pure

And designs so intricate.

The lover followed behind

Meeting right in the center

Gently, their hands intertwined

As they started to sway and turn.

They danced just like

They’d learned before

But with no strife

To look out for

The lover swung her round

She laughed with delight

And when she let her down

The love felt oh so light.

She twirled and turned

Just like a top

Her great love burned

And would not stop.

Her feet were fast

As her fleeting heartbeat.

The lover swept her up

Lifting her off her feet.

Once on the ground

She twirled with ease.

Her dress spun round’

Flowed with the breeze.

The love stood en pointe.

One leg high in the air.

Lover’s heart fleeted with joy

At her love’s focus and care.

Love looked her in the eye.

They stood a foot apart.

With a smile bright as the sky,

She fell into her arms.

Lover pulled back with pure bliss

Joining hands just once more

Leaning in for one quick kiss

And leading her across the floor

Together they took in the sight

Of carvings made of gold,

Of horses ridden by white knights,

Portraits of young and old.

They stopped against the wall,

Both tired from the thrill

And the greatest feeling of all:

Pure love no one could kill.

A lamp turned on

A door swung shut

The dark was gone

With the drop of a foot

Lover grabbed her hand

And dragged her to the door

So that they could disband

Before they were observed

Throughout the halls

The sound was swept

Right off the walls

To those who slept.

The lovers scurried still,

For they still had the chance.

If they could, they will

Engage in one last Midnight dance

Quick as they can,

They twisted right

Went around the bend

And were out of sight.

They slipped right outside

Walking a path of stone

With no rules to abide,

Strolling as the moon shone.

Something caught the love’s eye

And she let out a gasp

She then started to fly

Right across the green grass

A garden in full bloom

Sat empty across the way

Lover arrived without gloom

As the love prepared to play

Red as violence

Were the roses tilting down

Purple were the violets,

That all matched her gown.

She laughed at the sight

Of the beauty in her hands

Her heart ringed with delight

Just like a wedding band.

Green laced the flowers

That circled the two like a ring

They shone at that hour

From the stars that gave them wings

She turned with excitement

And took her lovers hands

Which triggered the incitement

Of another midnight dance.

They twirled around the garden

Flowers rustling at their touch

For with the love it started,

Nothing was too much.

The moon shone bright

Upon the two

Under tiny lights

They pranced right through

The path of polished stone

That reflected light

When the stars shone

Every clear night.

With joy they cried

“This love is ours.”

She lifted her Love high

Right to the stars

She swept love into her arms

Spinning as they laughed

At just how far

They were from outcast.

She let her down

Both tired to the bone

With glee, they rested

On a bench of stone.

Love yet out a yawn

And moved closer

Eyes closed, energy gone,

Her head on lover’s shoulder.

The night deepened

A few stars fled

Lover smiled and

Kissed her forehead.

The sky wasn’t bright

For stars were gone

As the dark night

Prepared for dawn.

The Lover gazed out

At the city she was above

Peaceful, but without a doubt

Couldn’t compare to her Love.

The houses were tiny

Compared to the palace

But what they lacked in shiny

Was made up with no malice.

The buildings were dirty, though

Cramped with junk sky-high

But the lights from the windows

Made it resemble a night sky.

Nothing was as priceless

As the quiet peace of

town that looked lifeless

From so high up above.

As dawn approached

The lovebirds sneaked right

Back to the palace, almost

In a race with morning light.

The halls were dark

Even darker than before

As early morning’s lark

Prepared to sing a score

With caution, they sneaked

Through the empty halls

Though their legs felt weak

They moved faster than a crawl

They were almost home

To their rooms, they bound

But it froze them to the bone

When they heard the weakest sound

Without looking back

Lover rushed love to her room

For if she faced the attack

Love would be safe from the doom.

With love locked away

Lover turned around

And with no dismay

Saw only a mouse.

The Lover laughed

At her own fright.

As the mouse ran past

She kicked it with spite.

With that, she strolled

Her hands in her pockets

As the halls would uphold

A silence so solid.

The sun rose brightly

Casting light in the aisles

As the lover stopped slightly

Just to watch it and smile.

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