Christmas Tree Decorating

The Christmas Tree Decorating activity is run by the Interact Club. Different clubs and groups at Montour High School created Christmas trees according to the theme of their club. They are being displayed at the Montour Elementary School and the kids are going to vote on which they like the most. 

Interact Holds Christmas Tree Contest

Jaden Nelson



  The Interact Christmas tree activity is a Montour ran activity where clubs, classes and organizations were asked to decorate a tree that represented them.

  This activity was thought of to bring clubs and organizations together in the Christmas spirit while having fun.

  Mrs. Stagl and Mrs. Marasco are in charge of the Interact Christmas tree program and they make sure everything is running smoothly.

  When asked about the reasoning behind this activity Mrs. Stagl stated, “We like to do a few joint ventures with the elementary school.”

  The only major rules for this activity were that it had to represent your class or club in some way and that it did not have to be a real tree.

  The winning tree (voted on by elementary students) will receive gift cards to raffle off at their club meeting.

  Clubs are all basing their trees off of something different and having a different reasoning behind their work, for example, FBLA did a Ladder instead of a traditional Christmas tree to show them Climbing the business ladder.

  Another example of the clubs representing something is the BSU club. The Black Student Union Club did an African wire tree to represent its culture.

  If you are looking to see the creativity of students and teachers this activity is located In the main hallway of MES.  They are divided up on Team Curiosity and Team Discovery side.

 A full list of the clubs and classes that participated were Interact, FBLA, Environmental Science club, Acts of random kindness club, Tri-M, Organic Chemistry, Cure Finders, NHS, SADD, Pet Pals, Japanese Culture Club, Lost Arts, BSU.

  The winner of the 2018 Interact Christmas tree activity was the Acts of Random Kindness

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