Fusfoo Five: Watch To Watch (60 minutes, Sweet Vicious, All Def Comedy)

5. 60 Minutes: President-elect Trump’s First In-Depth Interview, CBS

This Sunday night, CBS news institution 60 Minutes is set to air Donald Trump’s first full interview as the nation’s new President-elect. Conducted by Lesley Stahl, the talk takes place in Trump’s Manhattan luxury residence and features multiple Trump family members, including future First Lady Melania, as well as Trump and ex-wife Ivana’s three children, Ivanka, Erik and Donald, Jr.

Trump and Pence 60 Minute Campaign Interview:

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The Return of Def Comedy Jam, HBO

The original Def Comedy Jam, which ran from 1992-1997 on HBO, served as a launching pad for the careers of many legendary African-American comics, including Bill Bellamy, Chris Tucker, Dave Chapelle, and the show’s first host, Martin Lawrence. This Saturday, Def Comedy Jam returns in the form of the All Def Comedy special, hosted by Tony Rock and featuring up-and-comers like Chris Powell, Zainab Johnson and Kevin Tate.

Original Def Comedy Jam Stars


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Red Oaks, Amazon Prime

Following a huge 2015 debut, the second season of Amazon word-of-mouth comedy Red Oaks hits the web November 11###sup/sup###. The show stars Craig Roberts as David Myers, an NYU sophomore working a suburban summer job as a tennis pro at New Jersey’s exclusive Red Oaks Country Club. With a vibe reminiscent of classic 80s comedies like Caddyshack and Weird Science, Red Oaks is a perfect winter-weather binge-watch.

Craig Roberts Interview

#80sFever #CountryClubbin #TennisHumor


Sweet/Vicious, MTV

MTV’s Sweet/Vicious follows student vigilantes Jules and Ophelia as they seek revenge on perpetrators of college campus sexual harassment and assault. Despite the dire subject matter, the show seeks to provide a comedic counterpoint. Sweet/Vicious creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson explains, “when we're dealing with assault, it is not funny and we're not exploiting it. That's not where the comedy comes from in this show — it comes from life."  

Sweet/Vicious Stars and Creator Interview

#CampusConsent #MTVSeries #FemmePower


Mars, Nat Geo

The concept alone makes it worth the watch, but the scientific accuracy and unique format of Nat Geo miniseries Mars makes it a can’t-miss. Mars examines humanity's first voyage to the Red Planet by interweaving scripted scenes (based in the year 2033), with current-day interviews from actual scientists. The series officially premiers on November 14###sup/sup###, though National Geographic has already released the first episode online.

Mars Exec Producer Interview


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