Lilacs and Pale Skies, Writing in the Moonlight

     The wind was blaring, the sun was shining and it was reflecting through my window. The birds were chirping, and I could smell the fresh grass being cut beyond my door. As I awoke, I was blinded by the light and rub my eyes. I instantly felt a feeling I have never felt before. It was like a hunch, or a feeling that something was going to change. I didn't  think anything of it at the time but later in the day it happened.

I felt the sudden urge to pick up a pen and paper and just start writing, and that is what I did. I have written songs in the past, but they never came out right. With the pen in my hands, previous lyrics popped in my brain and new ones too. I turned to rust without you next to me... love is not just a feeling... I am in a deep freeze, can you help me? my ice cold heart will turn to sugary sweet... I’m no longer electrified without you by my side...with every breath becomes isn’t a crime... I wrote. The lyrics were scattering through my brain and binding together like missing puzzle pieces and I was writing a song. My heart was smiling, and racing, my eyes started to tear up, my teeth clenched together, my pen in hand, writing away without a care in the world. I thought I was a little too late, but I was just delayed. Twenty minutes later... I had the precious few words from my brain scattered onto the page. I picked up my guitar and started strumming, singing my heart away,  not trying to hide away any longer. A teardrop fell upon my guitar and my whole world changed forever. 

I never stopped writing after that, I never stopped recording, I never stopped making music. Everyone has a purpose.. a passion.. a skill.. a talent.. something that makes them happy. You are all talented and amazing at what you do. Never give up, if you want something badly you can and will make it happen as long as you put 100 percent. That’s a promise I can keep. All I wanted was to write music and be a songwriter, and I made it happen. You can do that with your dreams too.


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