Fusfoo News: December 3rd

High School Journalism Denied!

 A high school newspaper in Arkansas was taken offline by district administrators after students wrote a story which criticized transferring varsity players from Har-Ber High School to their arch-rival Springdale High School in the middle of the school year in late 2017.

District officials demanded the story be removed from the school website despite Arkansas state law protecting the rights of student publications and also threatened to fire the teacher assigned advise students on the newspaper. 

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George H.W. Bush Honored

George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, passed away surrounded by his family late last week. He was 94.

President Trump has declared that December 5th a national day of mourning to honor "41." 

Read more about George H.W. Bush here.

G20 Drama

The G20 conference in Buenos Aires was host to world leaders intent on finding solutions on key global issues, including development, investment, and climate change. It's hard to measure what exactly was accomplished as good intentions threatened to be overshadowed by drama and squabbles between global powers.

President Donald Trump was overheard telling an aide off camera, "Get me out of here."

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