What You Give & What You Need

I gave a piece of bread
To a bird on the street
I was not expecting
A thank you

Then time ticked on
The bird was gone
And I needed
Some advice

My friend did not think twice
She gave her two cents
And I thanked her
Though she did not mind to help

My mind drew on
And not a blank—
My friend’s advice
Was the bird giving thanks

I know bread is not like words
It is eaten rather than heard
Though, to me,
They are the same

I believe that what you give
Is not forgotten and it lives
To be returned, slightly unheard,
In a time of need

Middletown High School North Student who loves to write. Sarah has two published books, The Silent Silhouettes and A Second Silence. Her third book, Raindrops, a book of poems, will be available on June 29th, 2019.

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