Extra Effort is more than GPA for this "Agent of Change."

Freshman Caleb Martin on a special interview assignment with Montour Senior, Josh Heidenreich, recent winner of " Pittsburgh's KDKA Extra Effort Award."

The award was presented by Pittsburgh KDKA TV/News anchor, Bob Pompeani.  News Editor, Rebecca Havko, reports on Extra Effort Winner Joshua Heidenreich.


Heidenreich wins the KDKA Extra Effort Award

Rebecca Havko


News Editor

  Senior Joshua Heidenreich won the KDKA Extra Effort Award for excellence in sports, academics, and community service on  October 2. The ceremony was filmed and will air on October 11.

  “I felt really fortunate to be recognized; this was an unexpected but good reward for doing good,” commented Heidenreich. “I like to think they choose me because I stood out as well-rounded rather than my GPA. I’m really involved in all I do, so I like to think I was chosen for more than my grades.”

  Heidenreich is a member of the boys varsity soccer team and volunteers at UPMC Mercy Hospital. He helps out as a simulation patient as well as performs clerical work in the pharmacy, meeting the criteria for the sports and community service aspects of the Extra Effort Award. The award also involves academics, which takes into account his 4.64 GPA and AP and CHS courses.

  Heidenreich believes his hardest course is AP Calculus BC.

  “BC builds off of Calculus AB but goes more in depth. You have to look for the small details,” He said.

  Heidenreich is a part of many different clubs; currently, he is a part of Change Agents, Student Council, Law Team, and Global Leadership. He is also the president of Stand Together, the secretary of NHS, and in charge of the Speak to Me room at Montour.

  To balance all his responsibilities, Heidenreich tries to maintain a healthy mindset and go into every situation clear-headed. He also values time management and discipline to keep up with his duties.

  After he graduates, Heidenreich plans to attend college then medical school to study neurology; after which, he hopes to become a physician. Heidenreich knows this award will provide the motivation for him to always give 110%.

  Some advice from Heidenreich to someone striving to succeed like him would be, “Learning to fail, not reaching your goals, is essential; you have to learn to analyze and reflect on how to better yourself. Learn to fail and correct your mistakes, and nothing will stand in your way.”

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