Fusfoo News: November 12

Deadly Wildfires Ravage California

The Camp Fire wildfire continues to rage through Southern California causing thousands of people to evacuate their homes with more than 200 people misssing and a death toll of at least 31. The fire has proved to be democratic in it's destruction with celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Neil Young losing their homes to the blaze.

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If you thought the 2018 midterm elections over with, you're wrong. In some states, ballots are still being counted and other states have seen lawsuits filed by both Democrats and Republicans that have thrown what was victory into chaos.

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Awkward Moments

President Trump traveled to Europe this past week in a visit that was filled with awkward moments and missteps. The trip began with a Trump Twitter war, continued with outrage created by the President cancelling a visit to the graves of US soldiers killed during World War I due to rain, and finally ended with pictures capturing French President Emmanuel Macron giving Trump a "bone-crushing" handshake.

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