Your Life Is A Music Video

    Ever catch yourself pretending you’re in a music video? With your headphones pounding in your ear drums, not a care in the world, you don’t care enough to take one out to listen to the people around you? One of the keys to allowing and opening your mind to creativity is with music. You let your mind open and wander into deep creative thoughts that shape you into the person you are today. You might not realize this but a lot of the time you spend independently, is surely enough contributing to your creative mindset. You ever feel that burst of adrenaline when you are blasting your favorite song? That type of adrenaline that makes you want to immediately stop what you are doing and do it. The other day, I was listening to “ The Only” by Sasha Sloan, taking a walk downtown and I instantly felt the rush of adrenaline to write a song. So I did. I took out my phone, opened notes and voice memos and wrote a song as I was walking down the sidewalk. Not a care in the world, didn’t care if anyone was listening. I was determined and inspired so I let my creativity spark and well- ah! A song! You should try it sometime, it works wonders. You can conquer the world, never give up. Have a good time, do what you enjoy, and be creative! 

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