PSAT, Check!

All juniors at Mineola High School took the PSAT on October 10, 2018 from periods 1-5. The purpose of taking PSATs is to get a feel for SATs. The questions are similar to the ones that appear on SATs; this introduces juniors to these types of questions. Juniors can see their strengths and weaknesses and practice before actually taking the SATs. Also, PSATs recognizes and honors the highest achieving students in the nation to qualify as National Merit Semifinalists, who can become Finalists.  Here are some thoughts about the test:

Christina Peitler: “I took the PSATs last year and I think it’s helpful because it showed me what I was good at and what I needed to study for SATs. I was not used to answering those types of questions so it was a good practice test.”

Hannah Kolsch: “By taking the PSATs, I got a feel for what I would feel during the SATs. There is so much pressure and the time is ticking away. Eventually, I got used to this pressure and learned to manage my time better.”  


Ziya is a junior at Mineola High School and is a part of Mineola High School's newspaper club. Once she starts writing, she can't stop. She expresses herself through words and hopes her writing opens up a new door in your life. 

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