A Fantasy Persona

A fantasy persona,

a dream in my mind,

someone I crave deeply,

for time after time.

Through the body of a stranger,

I bring her to life,

ignoring any danger,

I fall into her.

Now I'm falling and falling,

and I cannot see the end,

for now the stranger, her heart,

and her persona all blend.

I can't see the difference,

I'm stuck in a trap,

between fantasy and reality,

lost without a map.

I resent the reality,

trying to shape it,

and produce only my nightmares,

against all my wit.

Day after day,

I live in an illusion,

beside a fantasy persona,

and reality's confusion.

If I say I love her,

which one do I love?

The manipulated version living in my heart,

or the stranger I believe is from up above?

Just a girl with a love for the sciences, poetry, and has many unique quirks!

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