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 For those seeking a truly high-res portrait of their past, the next generation of family heritage report has arrived.  Genealogy website MyHeritage recently announced the launch of its MyHeritage DNA service, a thorough and conclusive ethnicity report that provides users with details such as their family’s specific ethnic and geographic origins. In applicable cases, the report will also show potential DNA matches for other relatives registered on the service. The test, which currently runs $79 plus shipping, is based on a simple and painless cheek swab sample. Once submitted for lab analysis, MyHeritage will provide results within three or four weeks.

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MyHeritage Genealogy

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Good news for all those who enjoy holding alarmingly realistic, painstakingly crafted recreations of lost loved ones, missed friends, or even themselves—reborning is a thing. A reborn, most commonly available online or at reborn fairs, is a manufactured skin doll created to resemble a human infant, crafted with such accuracy that police have often been called to rescue reborns from parked cars. The movement is so popular that a society called the International Reborn Doll Artists (IRDA) has been established in order to train and educate artists, or reborners, using a common code of ethics. Depending on the skill and popularity of the reborner, the dolls can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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IRDA Main Page


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The aptly named “Bird of Prey”, is an adventurous and aerodynamic new bicycle that positions riders on their stomach in order to improve ride stability and eliminate back strain. In addition to a providing a solid improvement in rider comfort, the Bird’s frame also provides a dramatic improvement in biker safety. Whereas riders of standard bikes face the grim possibility of flying over the handlebars, the Bird’s lateral layout and low center of gravity keeps its peddlers from flying head-over-heels during accidents. Inventor John Aldridge also bills the Bird as providing one of the health world’s most obsessed-over workouts, a core cross-train.

Bird of Prey Inventor Explains His Creation

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First there was Siri, then Alexa, now comes the androgynous Google Assistant and its wireless hideout, the Google Home. Think of Google Home as the interactive, physical offspring of the original search engine. Just say “Ok Google” and follow it with a question (weather, traffic, finance, sports, business related), or make a media request (play Spotify, YouTube, Pandora), and experience the magic. When conjoined with services like Chromecast, Nest and Philips Hu, you can even ask it to crank the AC or dim the lights. Far-field microphones afford Google Home loud-and-clear hearing, and its multi-room capabilities can conjoin several of the devices to function in tandem. Plus, with permission, Google Home can learn about you in order to streamline your interactions.

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Google Home Review


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For the mobile freaks and txt-heads of the world, Apple's emoji gallery is the visual equivalent of the English alphabet. Changing an emoji changes an entire language—especially when the emoji holds a special, suggestive double-meaning. Recent reports indicate that with the upcoming release of iOS 10.2, Apple has finally crossed the line by altering the treasured peach emoji. What is currently a derriere-looking design will soon be transformed into a significantly more realistic, and boring, fruit-looking graphic. iOs 10.2 has yet to be given an official release and social media is already aflame with criticism. Here’s hoping Apple pays attention and stays true to its original orchard.

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iOS 10.2 Emoji Update Report


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