I Went Crazy Seeing Be More Chill

Be More Chill is headed to Broadway! The internet renowned musical, based on the book by Ned Vizzini, is wrapping up its Off-Broadway run at the Signature Theater and moving to the Lyceum Theater in February 2019. The show originated in 2015 at the Two River Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey. Fast forward three years and the show is now thriving and leaving a (fully) sold out Off-Broadway run with a massive social media following.

Mostly thanks to the cast recording, Be More Chill has grown a lot since 2015. Fans have flown out from all around the world to get the chance to see their favorite show in person, sometimes more than once. Some people show up dressed up as characters from the show, others bring fan art or gifts to give to the cast, and others show up with just their love and admiration for the show and everyone involved.

I was lucky enough to be in the city for its last Off-Broadway performance and waited on the cancellation line for tickets. Being the last show, last minute tickets were rare, but my mom and I managed to snatch 2 of the 4 guaranteed tickets. We had amazing seats and could closely see the stage. Not to mention Taylor Trencsh, current star of Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway, was sitting only three seats away from us! The end of the first act already had me in tears, and act two wasn't any different. The curtain call (or “victory dance” according to one of the characters) was energized to say the least.  It was incredible seeing the actors come out one last time, jumping around the stage and ready to move onto the next big thing.



After the show, we made a mad dash to the stage door to wait for the actors to come out and sign playbills, which they all did. The entire cast, including the songwriter, Joe Iconis, came outside after the show to take pictures and sign playbills, posters, books, or whatever you brought to get signed. 

The entire experience was amazing, crazy, and exhilarating. I got home around midnight practically screaming about the events of Be More Chill's last Off-Broadway performance and I cannot wait to see it another few times when it hits the Broadway stage.

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