Lead us to misinterpret many
How or why is anyone better than anyone else?
What graceful world should that be true in?
It appears in ours
We are not all that we are cut out to be
Who are we to judge others
if they’re the same as us?
We all stare
We all comment
Out loud or in our heads
If you say that you don’t
You’re either lying to yourself
Or better than most of mankind
We all love love
Love praise
Love acceptance
But how’d we come to accept the lengths at which we are willing to travel to get those things?
No one deserves neglect and rejection
Yet so many stand alone by themselves
We only see what society tells us too
We scarcely see more than just the surface
And if you do
What let you see that far?
If we took that sight to see the world
Than maybe no one would stand alone
Or feel small
Or worthless
But people do
People hurt
Because we judge
And we accept that
Rather than accept the beauty of diversity
No one is the same until we make them fit
The status quo is so comforting to welcome
Diversity, much more honest, is not so much
And if it was
Must we judge?
Or just live learn and love
As one
And that’s what we all are
At least with rose-colored glasses on
Without them
We are cruel
We are humans

Middletown High School North Student who loves to write. Sarah has two published books, The Silent Silhouettes and A Second Silence. Her third book, Raindrops, a book of poems, will be available on June 29th, 2019.

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