Everyday Heroes: Making Art, Changing Lives

Fusfoo had the chance to watch students from Dreamyard Preparatory School in Bronx, NY paint a mural which represents the everyday heroes that inspire them. The mural project also serves as a way for the students to create art that has a lasting effect on their entire community by beautifying public spaces. 

Dreamyard Prep is a high school for students who create and learn about the world while preparing themselves for life and producing graduates that are life-ready. The school's mission is to create a student body that is ready to embrace meaningful careers and believe that they can be successful adults prepared to contribute to society in a purposeful way. 

The project was done with the support of WHEDco, an organization that believes in engaging the mind, body, and artistic spirit of youth. WHEDco reaches more than 1,000 students annually through youth education and development programs that provides educational and cultural opportunities while empowering teenagers to think critically, make smart career choices, and contribute responsibly as leaders in their communities. 

Watch the video and get inspired to learn more about how to support youth empowerment by helping programs in your community! 

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