Fusfoo News: July 9th

Cave Rescue Continues in Thailand

The fascinating saga of the youth football team trapped in a cave in Thailand moved quickly over the weekend with rescuers successfully extracting 4 of the boys on Sunday and an additional 4 boys early Monday morning. With more monsoon rains in the forecast, the world has been holding it's collective breath until all of the boys and their coach make it out safely. 

Follow the story here.

Supreme Court Seat 

Both sides of the political spectrum are ready for brutal battle over whomever President Trump nominates to fill the Supreme Court vacancy stemming from the retirement of “swing justice” Anthony Kennedy. The addition of new a justice will have repercussions for years to come on such contentious issues as affirmative action, abortion, and voting rights. 

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Iranian Teen Arrested for Dancing

A 19-year-old Iranian woman was taken into custody after authorities ruled that videos of her dancing were in violation of strict rules against women performing in public without covering their heads with a hijab. Maedeh Hojabri has posted videos of herself dancing to Iranian and Western pop music on her Instagram account, which has amassed thousands of followers demanding her release.

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