Find Your Balloons

Find your balloons

One, two, three, and four

For now it is one big cartoon

Just for spring let the colors soar

Through the summer and incoming the pain

Five, six, seven, eight,

Catch them beneath playgrounds to go above the planes

Collect them so you can liberate.

As fall comes inbound,

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve,

You are almost ready to leave the ground

Tie them together for the ones that tied themselves

Winter has come by the time you look to the sky,

Take your strings and hold them tight,

Legs lift off the ground and you begin to fly

Try and hold on with all your might

Get high off helium,

Twelve, eleven, ten, nine,

For those who were high off opium

Don’t try to look at the time

Admire all of the passing clouds

Eight, seven, six, five

As the wind in your ears pretends to get loud

And keep working for the ones that didn’t survive.

Four, three, and two,

Now you’ve reached them as you passed the winter and moons

One left to join them, too.

Remember to find your balloons.

I'm Rachael Domin! I do a lot of art; most of it is digital but sometimes I do traditional, too. I also like to write!!

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