I put my heart into his hands

He held it close

He would carry it everywhere

But then he put it in his back pocket and forgot he had it

I asked him where it went and he replies with somewhere safe don’t worry

I love you, he says

He loves me yet he took my heart from the back pocket and held it by strings

He couldn’t hold it in his bare hands and he never understood that i felt those strings

I was attached to him, i was trapped

When he cut the strings one by one i handed him new ones

I begged and pleaded with him to hold my heart just once more

He just added strings, saying it’s the same no matter if it was in his hands or held by strings

He ignored the fact my heart was suffocating

When he finally sliced those strings and set me free i was hurt

I was so hurt

I should have felt free

But he let my heart crash onto the floor and then he walked away

He was angry at me

I thought i didn't give him enough strings

It was my fault

I took my heart and held it close and then someone came along and took my heart from me

But this time it was different

This time a different boy

This boy took my heart and gave me his in return

No strings attached just open arms

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