Fusfoo News: June 18th

New Album for Bey and Jay-Z

Has there ever been of a more "power" couple than Jay-Z and Beyonce? The twosome, who are currently conquering Europe with their "On the Run II" tour, released their joint album "Everything Is Love" on Jay-Z's own Tidal streaming service on Saturday.

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Incredible Box Office

Audiences apparently wanted more Incredible. The Incredibles 2 blew up the box office, earning an estimated $180 million in it's debut weekend. The movie, created by Disney's Pixar studios, set an incredible new record for the opening weekend of an animated feature film.

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There is a lots of confusion, anger, and accusation surrounding the news that more than 2,000 children are currently separated from their families. This is due to the Trump Administration's “zero-tolerance” policy of separating families at the border because of concerns over illegal immigration. No one really has a handle on what's happening inside the detention centers housing the children of illegal immigrants. The President admits he is willing to let the policy continue as he pursues his goal of funding for a border wall. The President continues to blame Democrats for the situation despite the fact that the separation policy has been enacted his own justice department.

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