you will be alright i promise

You, the one with beautiful eyes

One who smiles like there is no tomorrow

Unless that smile is wishing there was no tomorrow

What is it you do at 3 in the morning when no one is around to care for you

Is that when your smile turns into hands covering the sounds of your screams when your heart breaks

Like when your beautiful eyes turn into dark circles surrounded by oceans

Like how you try desperately to keep your promise

But your promises can be broken and no one would know

Except you

All you can remember is the echoing in your skull

Love, pain, and sorrow

Regretting you had become this way

Is this what happens at 3 am when no one is around to hear the tears splash onto the paper

Growing up never looked this hard

Hands are intertwining with each other and swaying with the wind

There is an end to this

I can swear to you

Push away negative things, let people leave and build yourself to be a better you

Realizing that everything just takes time

Only if you take the help and the time

Majority of people are assholes, yes but you are bigger

I can relate too strongly to how you feel

Seeing it’s taken me years and i’m still not perfect but no one is

Even though it gets better, i promise, just take the time to heal

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