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Have you ever wondered about the chemistry behind famous historical events? Have you ever wondered how chemistry influenced history and vice versa? Chemistry and history go hand in hand more than we realize. All of the wars that have been fought in the world would have been drastically different if chemistry hadn’t been involved. Most, if not all, of the weapons used in the past would not have been in existence if it had not been for chemistry. How would we produce anything powered by fire or steam or any other combustible material if we did not know the chemistry behind these processes? How would we have made all of the world-changing medical discoveries such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which drastically changed the way we view nutrition? My new major, Chemistory, would explore questions such as these and give students a new perspective when it comes to the link between History. The curriculum for this major would involve learning the material covered by a major in chemistry as well as the material covered by a major in history. However, as previously stated, the major would examine the link between the two as well.

I am interested in this major because I have always found history, especially American history. During my sophomore year in high school, I developed an interest in chemistry. Combining the two would give me the opportunity to explore my interests with more depth. I am also interested in this major because it would allow me to use this link to investigate how chemistry will continue to influence history and vice versa. How will this relationship shape the future? This question has especially intrigued me and has led to my interest in this major.

This major would have many areas of focus. From the weapons used in past wars to ground-breaking medical discoveries, the list is endless. Some areas of focus that I would like to explore have to do with medical discoveries as well as past wars. Medicine has always caught my interest. The stories of how all of these monumental medical procedures and substances (medicines, vitamins, etc.) were discovered are very interesting as well as educational. This area of focus could lead us to make more medical discoveries that could save even more lives by examining the methods that doctors such as Louis Pasteur used to make their discoveries, even if they unearthed what they did by accident.

Another area of focus within this major that I would want to explore is the chemistry behind warfare. In the past, chemicals have been used to create many weapons that were a major component of these wars. If we can examine the link between chemistry and the history of warfare, we can use the information that is uncovered to predict the future of warfare and better prepare ourselves for future wars if they happen. An even better use of this information would be to prevent future wars, which would save countless lives.

The major of Chemistory is a very enriching major. The link between history and chemistry is studied in depth and is used to help predict the future and prepare for it. Most importantly, students gain a wealth of knowledge that can be used to better mankind in the future.

I am a recent graduate from Middletown High School North. My posts will relate to college and will be essays that I had to write for college applications

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