Fusfoo News: June 4th

Puerto Rico Death Toll Revealed

A Harvard study has determined that over 4,600 deaths can be attributed to Hurricane Maria which devastated the island of Puerto Rico last fall. The Puerto Rican Department of Health announced the numbers makes Maria the one of the deadliest storms ever to hit the United States. The island is still waiting for promised monetary and political support to help rebuilding efforts.

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Roseanne Gone

Twitter proved to be the end of the Roseanne reboot. A racist tweet about former Obama official Valerie Jarrett got the comic and her show in a lot of hot water ending in the shows cancellation. Barr has a history of politically and racially charged tweets that mine conspiracy theories from the far right. 

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Tariffs Make Enemies of Allies

A series of levies that impose a 25% tariff on imported steel and a 10% tariff on imported aluminum placed on Canada, Mexico and the nations of the European Union took effect on Friday. The tariffs have caused a huge diplomatic riff between the US and some of its closest allies.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the latest world leader to warn of a trade war that will cause economic chaos. Trudeau criticized the White House for imposing the tariffs, calling it â€œinsulting and unacceptable."

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