Ballad of My life

August 17, 2000 was the first day of my life

Although I cannot remember this day

I know it was not a day filled with strife

Everything that was expected would soon be left astray

The innocence I once had soon melted away with time

Everything I awaited in life, was completely altered

Life is just a climb

Yet with all the highs and lows of life my faith did not falter

I believed that eventually there would be prosperity

That my dreams would become more than dreams

When I finally find clarity

Everything will be as it seems

At one moment in my life all the pain and joy was discovered

What I feared most, would soon be reality

The pain was not covered

My thoughts and emotions suddenly changed in mentality

I am left unknowing of the future, there is nothing I can do

There is nothing left of the moments that have passed

Today I will continue to search for a breakthrough

To live as the next moment is my last

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