BWSD Day of Caring!

This spring, school Superintendent Dr. Randy Lutz instituted a new program, the Day of Caring, in which he and all of his teachers and professional staff take a day to care for senior citizens who live in the three communities that the District serves.

When the Day of Caring was announced, seniors were encouraged to contact the school with their needs and the calls poured in. In the latest of many events serving seniors, on May 4th, school staff mowed, planted, fixed, and painted in homes and organizations around the area. Dr. Lutz and our District's teachers and staff advocate caring by doing.

Dr. Lutz grew up in Baldwin and has a special affinity for making sure senior citizens are taken care of and connected with the District. Dr. Lutz shared, "We have a strong and vibrant community that's composed of residents of all ages. The needs of our senior citizens are no less important than the needs of our seniors in high school, and these two groups have much to give each other. We are glad to give back to those elders in our community who have already given us so much."

The event made a profound difference in the lives of those served, not only through tasks that were accomplished, but also through connections formed. One resident expressed her appreciation for the help she received on her flower bed, a task she used to enjoy doing herself: "I used to do it; I don't anymore. I am very happy to have such nice people thinking about me, to do something like this. It means so much to me."

View more coverage from the Trib and the Post-Gazette.


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