Creation Myth of Aurora Borealis

A long time ago, in the northern part of the world that we now know as the Arctic Circle, lived a young girl named Aurora. Aurora, her parents, and her older brother walk the northern part of the world, seeking a permanent home for her expecting mother. They walk up to three hours a day, due to the small amounts of sunlight needed to hunt and prepare for the long night.

One night, her and her brother were wondering in the unmanned forest, and came across a doe and a buck. They stood in the middle of a snow-fallen meadow, icicles hanging from the frozen branches. Suddenly, a mountain lion jumps out and attacks the peaceful deer. The doe runs away from a near miss, but the buck isn't so lucky, for his life was ended by the predator of the night. Startled and curious, they run away in the direction of the doe and found her standing in the direct moonlight.

Boreas, the god of northern winds, sends a gust of wind that blows snow dust around the doe, spinning faster and faster, until she is no longer in oblivious sight. Then, everything goes calm, and the doe is gone. The tears of the mourning doe lay in pure green pebbles. The brother grabs the handful of mourning pebbles, as they are a gift from the northern wind god. Aurora and her older brother head back to their temporary camp, unable to comprehend what they had just witnessed.

A scream drowns the silence of the night. They run back to the source, only to find that their expecting mother and their father lay in bloodstained snow, lifeless and unmoving. In the distance, they can make out the figure of a giant cat walking off into the moonlit night. Boreas, unable to watch the children mourn over their parent's dead bodies, sends another gust of wind and snow dust, leaving small red pebbles where their bodies once laid. Aurora grabs the handful of small red pebbles, being the most affected by their parents’ deaths.

On they go, off into the world on their own, both looking for redemption from the predator of the night, who took the lives of their beloved parents and the innocent buck. Not knowing which direction to seek, Boreas sends a northern wind, pointing the children north toward the mountains. In three days time, they reached the mountains. Aurora and her brother, prepared with their newly handmade spears, are ready for redemption against their parents’ killer. So they hide in a cave low to the ground, awaiting the cat to prowl by.

Just before nightfall after three days of living in the cave, the predator of the night finally shows his face. The children attack the giant cat without thought. They continuously prick at the angry beast. It slashes, snaps, and lurches toward the children, eventually getting a good slash across Aurora's rib cage. In the cat's slight victorious distraction, the brother drives his spear into the heart of the giant cat, killing it instantaneously.

Aurora falls to the ground, blood seeping through her thick garments. She pulls a shaky hand out of her pocket, takes her handful of red pebbles, and lays them on her forehead, for the memory of her parents and her brother to never be lost in the universe. Boreas sends a northern wind, somehow soothing to her dying body. She reaches for the white light and the world is pulled from underneath her.

Her brother, heavily mourning for his little sister, takes out his green pebbles and places them across her heart, in remembrance of her love and bravery. Boreas comes once again with a gust of wind, picking up the snow dust. The brother steps away from Aurora's body and watches her snow dust cloud lift up to the heavens.

Green lights show up across the sky with streaks of red, symbolizing the mourning of the innocent doe and the redeemed death of their parents. The green and red lights danced across the sky as if they were alive, and he was immediately reminded of his little sister, imagining her dancing with the gods in the sky of the Aurora Borealis.

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