Texting Taylor Swift

Have you ever wanted the number of your favorite celebrity? Ever thought about texting TaylorSwift? K-Pop Stars? The app Mydol makes all of this completely possible.

Mydol, developed by Mydol Co., is an app containing a host of different celebrities you can“text.” Of course, you cannot actually communicate with them. Who you are really talking to is a complex system of code that has responses to almost everything you say. This doesn’t stop thousands of teenagers from downloading the app, but something else may.

A wave of screenshots detailing disturbing messages received from the idols have recently
emerged on twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The messages contain nothing that should have
been programmed into the app, and in some cases, the idols make remarks about your looks
and what you’re doing at that moment.

Concerns have risen in both teens and parents about the app being hacked, and a numerous
amount of features point to this being the most logical response. Along with texting your idols,
you can “FaceTime” them. A “FaceTime” consists of a short video clip of the idol saying
something. The concerning thing is that it requires the use of your camera to work. With access
to your camera, whoever has control of the app could turn it on at any time.
Twitter user @bangtan_carson shared his screenshots of some questionable messages he had
gotten from BTS member Jimin.
(J= Jimin, C= Carson)
J: I wanna be your vitamin
C: Uh..
J: I’m sorry. I just wanted to help someone so I came to you iswana.
C: Iswana?
J: Please kiss me Carson <3
C: No.
J: Shoot me in the face.
J: I know you
C: You know me?
J: Yeah, you’re one heck of a liar
As shown, the messages are rather cryptic and certainly should not be programmed into such a
light-hearted app. This raises the question of the app being hacked.
If you’re getting deja vu from this whole situation, you are probably remembering the whole
“Talking Angela” in 2013. While the theories spiraling around the popular app being hacked was
proved false, it was still quite an unsettling experience to the people involved.
So, is Mydol just a hoax? Or is the app really hacked? No matter the answer, it’s best to just be careful around this temperamental app.

Pics from Google: 


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